Thursday, November 8, 2012

[Tutorial] Syncing Data on Google with N900

Today i'm going to tell you that how to sync your Contacts, Tasks and Calendar entries with your Google account. All you know that Nokia N900 have a built-in client of Mail for Exchange which can enable your N900 and your Google account to establish a two way sync i.e Syncing tasks, calendar and contacts with and from your Google account. 
It is not really that hard when first i was configuring my N900 for sync. it will sync without any problem if you do all steps correct. Here are the steps:

1. First go to Menu>Settings and click on Mail for Exchange.
2. When you click on Mail for Exchange a dialogue will pop click Next to Start process
3. After clicking Next; Mail for Exchange will ask for Credentials. Fill them as follow:
       E-mail Address: your email address with you want to be synced (i.e
       Username: when you fill your E-mail id this section will be filled automatically.
       Password: Your Google ID password.
       Domain: Leave this empty.
4. Now click Next and proceed to Next screen. In Next dialogue fill:
      Port: 443
      Secure Connection: Mark this box (by default it is marked if not then do it manually)
5. Click Next and wait for the Next dialogue. Fill like this:
     Synchronise e-mail: Mark this (automatically marked)
     Synchronise calendar and tasks: Mark this (automatically marked)
     Synchronise Contacts: Mark this (automatically marked)
     First Synchronisation: Be careful with this. Its the option to select what to do with the data which is in     your phone when synchonised for the first time. You can choose Keep items in Device or Delete Items on device. Now choice is yours.
6. When filled and Marked all boxes according to the guide click Next. In Next dialogue you can go to Advanced Settings to change or modify schedule time and date and peak timings. After this click Next to start Initial Synchronisation. 

Now you are Done. Happy Synchonisation.

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