Monday, May 31, 2010

SBSH FExplorer Pro v2.10 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed FULL

FExplorer Pro
Powerful set of utilities that are missing with S60 phones for advanced users. Including the most robust file explorer with file searching, ZIP files management, image viewer and more! Screen capture utility, flashlight, memory defragment, advanced phone and network info tools and much more!

Utilities Package

FExplorer Pro is a set of essential tools that are missing with the S60 platform. FExplorer Pro tools set is designed to complement your S60 phone in the best possible way! FExplorer Pro utilities are divided to sections: Robust File Explorer, Tools and Phone Utilities.

File Explorer

* NEW! Send files through bluetooth, email or any additional transmission hardware available on your phone model
* NEW! Direct access to files located in your inbox
* Robust File Explorer tool to easily browse and manage your phone files!
* ZIP files support. Compress and extract ZIP files with your mobile phone
* File management: create, delete, rename files and folders
* Manage file attributes
* File searching
* Image viewer
* File editor (Hex, Binary, ASCII Text and Unicode Text)

NEW! Tasks Manager

* View a complete list of all currently running tasks (processes) on your phone
* Get full information about each running task
* Use robust task management utilities: switch to, close process and kill running tasks

Ver 2.1, 02/09/2010

* BUG FIX: when the screenshot is activated (FEP is running in background), the screenshot taken after switching between landscape<>portrait is correct.
* BUG FIX: when renaming a file, the filename of the previous file was proposed instead of the current file.
* BUG FIX: when getting the files properties, the title of the box contained the filename of the previous file (or directory) although the information were correct for the current file.
* BUG FIX: when getting the directories properties, the title of the box contained the name of the previous file (or directory) although the information were correct for the current directory.
* NEW: added the .sisx file type for the icon in front of a file.6. NEW: at the root level, added an entry before the [processes] : [inbox] which gives access to the files in attachment of the messages.
* NEW: the attached files in the inbox are now accessible from the main screen.
* NEW: a toolbar is activated in the 5th edition with the following buttons:
o Left : marks/un-marks the current item in the list.
o Middle : displays the toolbar extension with the following buttons: copy / cut / paste.
o Right : deletes the current item in the list.
* NEW: a blue left arrow (icon) has been placed in front of the ".." (go one level up) in the lists.[/font]
* BUG FIX: on the N97 (5th ed), when an item containing a size was highlighted, the font size of all the items browsed became smaller until the app was re-started.[/font]
* NEW: in the settings, it's now possible to define the color of the second column in the lists (the file size).[/font]
* NEW: the main screen (the root) has been modified, each drive comes now with a gradient gauge (from red to green) showing graphically the used/free disk space.[/font]
* NEW: on big drives, the capacity can be displayed in GB (instead of 9999MB).[/font]
* NEW: the format of the drives capacity is now displayed with a decimal value.[/font]
* NEW: the number of inbox attachments, processes & tasks running is now displayed on the main screen (root).[/font]
* the restart function has been removed when installed on a samsung device.[/font]
* NEW: the task manager has been completely re-written with the possibility to close or kill a task, to view tasks information such as : windows group name, uid, code size, attributes, capabilities.[/font]
* NEW: added the SVG in the build-in files types.[/font]
* NEW: in the tools tabs, added a function which can constantly monitor the free available ram, this ram is displayed at the top left corner and stays in foreground (until it's turned off).[/font]
* the format of the files FILESLST.TXT (dump files list) and INSTAPP.TXT (installed applications) are now in Unicode to be read directly from the build-in notepad.[/font]
* the 2 editions (3rd & 5th) have their specific exe (and functionnalities) which are embedded into one .sis and installed according to the target.[/font]
* minor cosmetics & bugs fixed.
* BUG FIX: on ".." (go to one level up), the "File/Make dir" is now activated and it's now possible to create a directory into an empty one.
* NEW: added 'send' in the file menu which allows to send the current highlighted file via Bluetooth, infrared or email.
* BUG FIX: Corrected the display of some alphabets from right to left like Hebrew.

Download: Click Here

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BatteryLife v1.15 English S60v3/v5 Symbian0S9.x Unsigned

- Shows you the percentage of battery charge;
- Show how much time left until the battery discharge;
- Shows the number of charging and discharging of the battery;
- Displays the date and time you want to place telephone charges.
Requires the user to install their own signature to use
To solve the memory leak problem
Support the closure of primary and secondary keyboard light, made changes for n95 n82
Welcome to the machine-you to install the test
Thank you to support
January 23, 2010

Download: Click Here

Speed Up OS 9.2 & OS 9.3

The file is relevant to 9.2 and 9.3, in which there is no graphic accelerator. This file accelerates the components of the graphics (videos, games, etc.), as well as the cache memory (up to 4 MB) for faster startup and application performance.

Package speed.sis accelerates smartphone, but the package standart.sis returns the default setting.

CAUTION After installation, you must restart your Smartphone.

I have checked on my 5320, working fine....

Download: Click Here

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tutorial: How to do a Master reset for N97 / 5800

If you’re unfortunate enough to encounter a problem on your Nokia N97, a hard reset maybe what you need to do. This wipes the entire phone memory and settings fresh to how it was (or should be) when you bought it. It’s also useful if you’re also unfortunate enough to have to send away your Nokia N97 for repair or exchange, or maybe in future you maybe selling it and don’t want your information/details/media stored onto your device for someone else to access.

The traditional method won’t work as the N97 doesn’t have the old keypad. After you’ve backed up your data onto memory card/pc/ovi, turn your phone off and simultaneously press these four buttons circled in red.

* Caps shift
* Space bar
* Delete button
* On button

You’ll know it’s worked when you see the initial set up screen, asking country of origin. I haven’t actually tried this, but I’ll be doing so when I return the trial N97.

* wiped phone memory but did not touch the mass memory (you’ll have to format that separately via File Manager) – got 61 MB back.
* Applications installed onto the memory card are still present
* Fixed voice dialling, but after restoration from memory card, voice dialling was disabled again -_-
* Hasn’t Fixed broken GPS. Refuses to get a GPS fix.
* Restoring from memory card doesn’t put back widget/applications from phone memory you would have hoped to have been backed up on memory card – e.g. facebook/Nokia Messaging/N-Gage is gone.
* Restoring from memory card does not restore the menu to how you may have reconfigured it (extremely annoying).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TrueCaller v1.30 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

TrueCaller shows you who is calling before answering if the number is not saved in contacts! TrueCaller is a mobile caller id in real time! and has now been updated with unique features such as a global call filter which users can improve and SMS Popup, to see a preview of an incoming SMS and who the sender is.

With TrueCaller you can also make manual reverse number lookups in more than 25 countries by entering the phone number.You can also save the contact to your phonebook and see the location on a map.

With the "Update Phonebook"-feature you can update your whole phonebook with missing information such as street, area and zipcode where data is available and it works in more than 25 countries.


- Caller ID lookup on incoming and outgoing calls (New)
- SMS Popup shows you a preview of the incoming SMS and who the sender is (New)
- Call Filter, add numbers to your call filter to be notified when you receive a call from the spammer. TrueCaller notifies you if other users has marked a number as spam. A spam call could be a expensive collect call or a sales company (New)
- Call Blocker, Block incoming calls from numbers in your Call Filter-list (New)
- TweetCaller, notify your friends when you are on the phone on Twitter
- Update Phonebook, update your whole phonebook with missing information such as street, zipcode, area and country where data can be found (Updated and improved)
- Show search result on map (New).

Improvements in v1.30:

- Support for Destinations in Symbian S60v5
- Improved UI for S60v5
- Improved lookup speed
- Better stability
- Improved History-function

Now works on all Symbian S60v3 and v5 devices!

Download: Click Here

Telexy.Networks.SymSMB.v4.00.61.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1 .Unsigned.Cracked-Binpda

Today's mobile handsets are more than simple phones. With integrated still and video cameras, music playback and data processing capabilities, smartphones are mobile computers. But without network access, a mobile computer is a data desert island - hard to get data onto and hard to get data off.

Telexy Networks is currently developing a set of technologies and applications enabling seamless wireless networking between Symbian mobile devices and network computers.

It is easy for Symbian Phone to join Windows, Mac or Linux computer network now. Just install SymSMB 4.00 on your Nokia S60 3rd edition or SymSMB 3.10 on your Sony Ericsson UIQ3 based phone and start accessing, copying, sharing any files on your network wirelessly. SymSMB is based on secure, fast and industry proven network communication platform. With SymSMB your Symbian phone turns into network in your pocket. Your phone storage is not limited by the size of your MMC card any more. It is whole network of computers and servers at your fingertip anytime anywhere!

SymSMB 4.00 for S60 - enjoy the freedom of mobile networking!

SymSMB 4.00 new features:

- Built-in music player to play music directly from network location;
- Open/edit network files;
- 3 options of autoconnect;
- "Always Ask" Access Point support;
- Added share-level security mode support (better NAS drives support);
- UI improvements (Search, Mark/Unmark);
- SymVPN ready;

With SymSMB 4.00 for S60 you can:
- play music directly from network music file;
- browse computer network from the phone;
- open files from any network location;
- share phone's files such that they can be accessed from any computer on the network;
- access phone files from different operating systems: Windows (Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000), Mac OS, Linux, UNIX;
- work with phone files from any computer through "Network Neighbourhood" or "My Network Places" without additional software installation or configuration on a computer;
- browse network around your phone as you are used to from your favourite desktop;
- get access to the network computers according to your rights and permissions;
- map network drives for easy access;
- flexibly control your phone visibility on network via “Auto-connect” feature;
- do all from the above using any available transport bearer (Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G, WiMAX, Bluetooth, etc.);

Install SymSMB 4.00 and obtain native, platform-level wireless read/write access between your phone and any trusted PC network while still using your phone to make and receive voice calls at the same time.

Download: Click Here

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Now Play Playstation Games on Symbian By styletap

Now Play Playstation Games on Symbian
Hey guys finally here is an emulator to play Playstation Games on all s60 V3 devices.
Well you all must have heard about style tap. A program that emulates palm OS softwares on symbian phones. Although the symbian games like N-GAGE that we got is better than the palm Os games, what if we can play PS1 (Playstation1) games on our symbian smart phones? Well that is possible now. Now you can play high quality PSX games on your smartphone. Well the project is not fully completed but there are a lot of people working on it.
I. First you must ensure that you have style tap installed on your phone
If you do not have StyleTap then install it from here.

 1.Sign StyleTap v0.9.31 using your own developer cert
2.Install StyleTap 0.9.31 to your cellphone.
II. Now you have to extract the psx files available here
1. Extract the files to : E: \ Others \ StyleTap \ db \
2. Ensure you have at least 32 MB of free RAM on your phone.
III. Now open Style Tap application and click on PPSX
Save the games in
E:\Others \ StyleTap \ db \ Palm \ programs \ ppsx \ Games \
Games should be in *.bin format.
Use PowerIso or Blind Write to dump the game in *.bin format

You can download Palm PSX files by clicking here

0.21 / Bust-a-Move 3 DX PAL / YES / YES / 1/3 norm / NA / Graphically perfect and playable.
0.21 / Crash 3 PAL / YES / YES / 3-5fps / NA / Odd scanlines on the right of the screen
0.21 / Disney's Hercules PAL / NO / NO / NA / NA / Crashes immediately
0.21 / Gex 3D / NO / NO / NA / NA / Movies played at something like 3fps and froze afterward. They were totally obscured though
0.21 / Kula Worlds PAL / NO / NO / NA / NA /
0.21 / Mega Man 8 / YES / NO / 1fps / NA / Movies unwatchable, game flawless
0.21 / Soul Blade PAL / YES / YES / 1-3fps / NA / Movies are obscured and in-game backgrounds aren't right;
0.21 / Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer PAL / YES / YES / 3-5fps / NA / Plays until the Spyro is due to enter the screen after which is crashes. 3D models are hairy in some places, as are the distant backgrounds. Same problem as Soul Blade.
0.21 / Worms PAL / NO / NO / NA / NA / Display is crystal clear, but slow as sin. Locks up upon reaching menu
0.30 / Activision Classics / YES / YES / NA / NA
0.40 / Bubble Bobble 2 / YES / YES / 2/3 norm / NA /
0.40 / Castrol Honda Superbike Racing / NO / NO / NA / NA / crashes while loading
0.40 / Diablo / NO / NO / NA / NA /
0.40 / Fighting Force / NO / NO / NA / NA / PlugCD.c,Line:85, Error Opening ROM
0.40 / Final Fantasy Tactics / YES / NO / 1/3 norm / NA / Runs but not very playable1
0.40 / GTA / NO / NO / NA / NA / freezes while loading game; speed in mainmenu is slow; extreme graphc errors (flickering screen)
0.40 / GTA: London / NO / NO / NA / NA / message: "incorrect disk - please insert GTA London disk"
0.40 / Gundam Battle Assault / YES / YES / <5fps / NA
0.40 / Horned Owl / NO / NO / NA / NA / Fatal Exception while loading 1 Player Game; Mainmenu ok
0.40 / King of Bowling 2 / YES / NO / NA / NA / Works fine, no glitches but slow as hell cuz its in 3D, so its not really playable
0.40 / Legend / NO / NO / NA / NA / freezes on FUNSOFT Image
0.40 / London Racer / NO / NO / NA / NA / Fatal exception at the start (before the trafficlight gets green); mainmenu ok
0.40 / Metal Slug X / NO / NO / NA / NA / someone mentioned it worked in 0.30, my Rip is fine, works on my PC-PSX Emu
0.40 / Pandemonium / NO / NO / NA / NA /
0.40 / Raiden Project / YES / YES / NA / NA / Slow
0.40 / Ridge Racer / NO / NO / NA / NA / after the loading (space invaders mini game ) appears a title screen "press start button". When you press start (function) pPSX crashes and you have to reset
0.40 / Soul Blade / NO / NO / NA / NA / Didnt Work for me in 0.40, works well on PSX-Emu on PC tough
0.40 / Tekken 3 / NO / NO / NA / NA / used to work in 0.30 without glitches but SLOW
0.50 / Activision Classics / YES / YES / NA / NA / faster than with ver 0.30
0.50 / Breath of Fire 3 / YES / YES / 17fps / 5 / works fine, but also slow
0.50 / Bubble Bobble 2 / YES / YES / 19fps / 5 / works like allways... Not at Full Speed, but playable
0.50 / King of Bowling 2 / YES / YES / 16fps / 5 / King Of Bowling 2 works... But slow, its crap anyways
0.50 / Metal Slug X / NO / NO / NA / NA / doenst start at all, screen stays black had to exit Emulator with a Soft-Reset, Keys didnt respond anymore
0.50 / Pandemonium / NO / NO / NA / NA / doenst start at all, screen stays black had to exit Emulator with a Soft-Reset, Keys didnt respond anymore
0.50 / Tekken 3 / YES / YES / 18fps / 5 / Tekken is back working again, slow, but at least its back again
0.60 / Activision Classics / NO / NO / NA / NA / i get a fatal 10 if i press any buttons
0.60 / Breath of Fire 3 / YES / YES / NA / NA / no visible Speed increase, cuz its in 3D
0.60 / Bubble Bobble 2 / NO / NO / NA / NA / not working anymore, crashes with a Fatal Error quite often when i try to start it
0.60 / Diablo / NO / NO / NA / NA / Screen stays Black on 32x320 Graffiti Pad stays On Screen and Zodiac stops responding
0.60 / Incredible Hulk / NO / NO / NA / NA / Screen is blinking...after the title screen Fatal Exception: 10
0.60 / King of Bowling 2 / YES / YES / NA / NA / faster in loading and during Menues now, but Screen is constantly flashing
0.60 / Metal Slug X / NO / NO / NA / NA /
0.60 / Pandemonium / NO / NO / NA / NA /
0.60 / Raiden Project / YES / NO / NA / NA / boots up but resets itself when you press start on Raiden I or II
0.60 / Resident Evil: Director's Cut / YES / YES / 15-30fps / NA / works pretty well! I can watch the opening movies and play without a problem
0.60 / Samurai Showdown III / NO / NO / NA / NA / pPSX displays the screen "sony computer america" (slow as hell) then screen.
0.60 / Strider / NO / NO / NA / NA / Displays Capcom intro then freezes on the loading screen before main menu.
0.60 / Tekken 3 / NO / NO / NA / NA / Made a Quick Test with Tekken 3... It is not starting at all anymore... Again
0.65 / Ballistic / NO / NO / NA / NA / plays the first two animations (Infogrames and Mitchell corp) then stays at black screen
0.65 / Breath of Fire 3 / YES / NO / NA / NA / a bit faster, but still not playable though.
0.65 / Bubble Bobble 2 / NO / NO / NA / NA / Still crashes with a Fatal Error
0.65 / Diablo / NO / NO / NA / NA / Still not work, but i guess my ISO is not okay... Only works sometimes on PC either.
0.65 / Final Fantasy Tactics / YES / NO / NA / NA / Works, but speed is not really playable
0.65 / King of Bowling 2 / YES / NO / NA / NA / a bit faster now, not really playable, Screen still constantly flashing
0.65 / Metal Slug X / NO / NO / NA / NA /
0.65 / Pandemonium / NO / NO / NA / NA / Emu doest even switch to the Fullscreen, stays 320x320 and hangs up
0.65 / Raiden Project / YES / NO / NA / NA / game boots up but will not allow you to start game, start button does not register
0.65 / Resident Evil 3: Nemisis / YES / NO / NA / NA / In Game Videos are more like a Dia-Show, but it hangs up after the Intros
0.65 / Tekken 3 / NO / NO / NA / NA /
0.67 / Ballistic / NO / NO / NA / NA / same as in v0.65, plays the first two animations (Infogrames and Mitchell corp) then stays at black screen
0.67 / Breath of Fire 3 / YES / NO / NA / NA / a bit faster, but still not playable tough.
0.67 / Bubble Bobble 2 / NO / NO / NA / NA / Still crashes with a Fatal Error
0.67 / Bubsy 3D / NO / NO / NA / NA / Fatal Exception Error.
0.67 / Crash Bandicoot / YES / NO / 5-7fps / NA / but unplayable due to heavy screen garbage.
0.67 / Crash Bandicoot Warped / NO / NO / NA / NA / Doesn't work at all in 0.67 but did in 0.2
0.67 / Croc / YES / YES / NA / NA / Intro movies at about half speed. Logo lingers for far too long though. Game itself is again, too slow to play. Still seeing furry character models
0.67 / Diablo / NO / NO / NA / NA / Still not work, but i guess my ISO is not okay... Only works sometimes on PC either
0.67 / Final Fantasy 7 / YES / NO / 18 / 5 / The initial "Sony Computer Entertainment America" flickers and displays for far toolong (and has horizontal lines missing!). The Squaresoft logo doesn't stay for too long (game appears to be very slow). It recognized the .mcr from ePSXe (renamed to replace the one pPSX created) and was able to load my FF7 save from it. The game appearedto display 1-2 fps while I was moving around in the town.
0.67 / Final Fantasy Tactics / YES / NO / NA / NA / speed is not really playable...
0.67 / International Karate+ / YES / YES / NA / NA / Working without glitches, Speed is ok, kinda playable, surely better with Lightspeed
0.67 / King of Bowling 2 / YES / YES / NA / NA / Screen Flashing stopped, Game is much faster now in Menues, Gameplay itself didnt speed up it seems
0.67 / Metal Slug X / NO / NO / NA / NA / maybe someone else with a different bin-file got it working
0.67 / Pandemonium / NO / NO / NA / NA / Emu doest even switch to the Fullscreen, stays 320x320 and hangs up
0.67 / Resident Evil 3: Nemisis / YES / YES / NA / NA / InGame Videos are more like a Dia-Show, but it hangs up after the Intros
0.67 / Ridge Racer / NO / NO / NA / NA / Emu doest even switch to the Fullscreen, stays 320x320 and hangs up
0.67 / Ridge Racer / YES / YES / NA / NA
0.67 / Soul Edge (Soul Caliber) / NO / NO / NA / NA / Screen stays black
0.67 / Soulblade / YES / NO / NA / NA / It runs even worse than it did on 0.2. Not only is it just as slow, the models are messed up and look more like Gundam's than people. The only plus is the movie doesn't play with wierd lines through it anymore.
0.67 / Spyro 2 / YES / NO / NA / NA / Gets even less far into the menu than 0.2. Gets to where it switches from 2D opening credits to 3D menu before stopping. It doesn't display the 3D menu scene like 0.2 did. It just stops
0.67 / Tekken 3 / NO / NO / NA / NA /
0.69 / Bubble Bobble 2 / YES / YES / NA / NA / working with HLE turned off, but the Piracy Screen stays for like 2 minutes
0.69 / Driver 1 / YES / NO / NA / NA / Absolutely no graphical glitches buildings/car/sky/smoke renders perfectly.
0.69 / Front Mission 3 / YES / YES / 15fps / NA / with and without HLE and it's playable at around 15fps or what i felt is a quarter of the real speed.
0.69 / Resident Evil 3: Nemisis / YES / YES / NA / NA / working with HLE turned off ! Not really fast, but playable if you r patient Just a few glitches on the Main Chars Legs
0.70 / Breath of Fire 3 / YES / NO / NA / NA / without Box checked works, but screen is messed up during loading and most of theletters are totally messed up, so since its an RPG and u need the text its unplayable thats way, still very slow as well. With H-Box checked its no difference for Breath Of Fire 3
0.70 / Bubble Bobble 2 / YES / YES / NA / NA / without Box checked works again, much better speed, red and blue in taito and virgin logos are switched, Game itself works fine, much faster, i would consider it fully playable for now. With H-Box checked i get a Fatal 10 Error on Bubble Bobble 2 when i try to start it
0.70 / Final Fantasy Tactics / YES / NO / NA / NA / refused to load a memory card save, and it would sit on the computer's turn for longer than I could wait, so I have yet to actually fight in the game in pPSX. It doesn't actually crash anywhere though.
0.70 / Front Mission 3 / NO / NO / NA / NA / game is stuck on the "Now loading" screen when i turn on HLE. Without HLE, the program crashed with a fatal exception: 04 after the "Okinawa City" movie before u enter your character's name. There is a definite speed increase as the bar at the "Now loading" screen moves very fast and the counter is like 30fps. However in these v0.7 and 0.75 i get a screen white out after each Squaresoft logo screen and the screen seems to be much darker thru out the game. Also the colours are messed up in the Start screen
0.70 / International Karate+ / YES / YES / NA / NA / workfs fine with both Box unchecked and checked. Speed is okay, i would sayits playable
0.70 / Resident Evil 3: Nemisis / NO / NO / NA / NA / without H-Box checked movies are more choppy now then before, but it cant display the writing after the intro, just showing white Boxes for each letter, and then crashes with a Fatal Alert 04. With H-Box checked movies are the same, writing after the intro is displayed fine, but still it crashes with a Fatal Alert 04... So unfortunately RE3 is not working anymore
0.70 / Strider / NO / NO / NA / NA / Intro - Still stuck on loading screen
0.70 / Tekken 3 / NO / NO / NA / NA / not starting at all, no matter if Box is checked or not
0.75 / Driver 1 / YES / YES / NA / NA / with HLE and without
0.75 / Exhumed / YES / Almost / 5-10fps / 0 / looks great no grafic gliches almost near playerible
0.75 / Front Mission 3 / NO / NO / NA / NA / game is stuck on the "Now loading" screen when i turn on HLE. Without HLE, the program crashed with a fatal exception: 04 after the "Okinawa City" movie before u enter your character's name. There is a definite speed increase as the bar at the "Now loading" screen moves very fast and the counter is like 30fps. However in these v0.7 and 0.75 i get a screen white out after each Squaresoft logo screen and the screen seems to be much darker thru out the game. Also the colours are messed up in the Start screen
0.75 / GTA 2 / YES / YES / NA / NA / kind of playable but still slow with HLE and without
0.75 / Resident Evil: Director's Cut / YES / YES / NA / NA / almost playable with HLE
0.75 / Twisted Metal 2 / YES / YES / NA / NA / works with HLE and without
0.75 / World's Scariest Police Chases / YES / YES / NA / NA / Works with hle
0.77 / International Karate+ / NO / NO / NA / NA / Every Game i tried had messed up Colors in 0.77, Even IK+, which used to worknearly perfect became very slow and crashes during the intro with the big IK+LOGO
0.77 / Ridge Racer / YES / NO / NA / NA /
0.77 / Sporting Clays / YES / NO / NA / NA / I fired it up after rr, and it had numbers and "winner" and stuff from rigde racer in the background of the "press start" screen o_0 then got a dmwrite error (it reset before i could type it in, so it mightve been a dmread error too...not sure
0.77 / Twisted Metal 2 / YES / NO / NA / NA / All the games tested so far have completely screwed up graphics and colors Twistedmetal 2 completely unrecognizeable now lol. Everything is green!

The games above were tested on Nokia N95 8GB, N95, N82, E90, N96, N85, N81, N81 8GB, and you can test the others.

Note: I didn't tested these games by myself. I just took this post from a forum.

For psp games click here

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tutorial: Email settings for Yahoomail and Gmail for S60 Devices.

YahooMail (Ymail) pop3 settings for s603rd edition phones

Incoming SettingUser
Password: *******
Incoming mail server:
Mailbox Name: YahooMailbox
type: IMAP4
Security(Ports): Off
Port: Default

Outgoing Setting Email
Password: *******
Outgoing mail server:
Security(Ports): Off
Now u r ready to receive yahoo mails directly to your mobiles

Gmail Settings:

Here is how to setup your Gmail for your Nokia N73:
How To Setup Gmail On Your S60 Device:
Enable IMAP in your Gmail account settings.
Select 'Messaging' >'Options'>'Settings'>'E-mail'>'Mailboxes.
'If you have neversetup email on your phone before, select 'Yes' to define a new mailbox.
If you already have other mailboxes, select 'Options' and then 'New mailbox.

'Select 'Start' to begin the setup wizard.
Select 'IMAP4' and then 'Next.' Enter your Gmail username (including'') as the email address and select 'Next.' Enter '' as the incoming mail server and select 'Next.'
'Enter'' as the outgoing mail server and select 'Next.' 

Select the appropriate access point and then 'Next.' Enter a descriptive name for the email account mailbox name.Once your mailbox issetup, select it from the email mailbox settings screen.
Select 'Connection settings'>'Incoming e-mail.'Enter your Gmail username (including'') and password.
Select 'SSL/TLS' for your security (ports) and define your port as '993.' Select 'Back.'
Select 'Outgoing e-mail.' Enter your Gmail username (including'') and password.
Select 'StartTLS' for your security (ports) and define your port as '587.' Select 'Back' and change any other settings according to your preferences.

Although yahoomail settings doesn't worked on my 5320 XM. You guys should check it out may be this one works for you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

StyleTap v0.9.31 S60v3 S60v5 UIQ3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cracked

StyleTap® Platform allows you to run applications (and games)
originally written for Palm OS handhelds on devices running

  • Symbian OS - S60 3rd Edition
  • Symbian OS - S60 5th Edition
  • Symbian OS - UIQ3.0

With more than 20,000 applications for the Palm OS platform available – many of them free – you will be able to do so much more with your smartphone.

StyleTap Platform is fast, compact and comes with everything you need. Just add your favorite third-party applications for Palm OS platform and you're ready to go!.


New Features
  • support for Sony-Ericsson S60 5th Edition devices
  • new WebTools app for moving data to and from device via a browser

ePocrates fixes o fix to networking bug when running autoupdate
o dramatically increase speed of autoupdate
o eliminate ill-behaved alarms that caused crashes
added data protection features, including pre-emptively writing databases out when StyleTap switched to background
various minor fixes

Download: Click Here

Nokia Mail For Exchange v3.00.50 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x -Compatibile MS Exchange 2010

Mail for Exchange synchronizes your business’s Microsoft Exchange service so employees can use their Microsoft Exchange inbox, calendar and contacts on their Nokia mobile devices. It is available for about 50 different Nokia device models.

Provides a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution leveraging the existing Microsoft messaging infrastructure.Increases work efficiency by providing tools to more quickly respond to customers, colleagues, and partners. Optimized for a wide range of Nokia devices, providing a mobile email solution on a handset that can meet any individual's needs and preferences.


* Access Point Groups/Destinations (for S60 3rd Edition FP 2 and S60 5th Edition phones only) – Active automatic switching between WiFi and GPRS connections if Destinations is supported
* Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks are disabled by default on new installs to prevent users from inadvertently losing Calendar, Contacts and Task data
* Pictures in contacts are now synchronized
* All Mail for Exchange tabs are now always displayed
* Improved battery life in adverse network conditions. If it can’t maintain a connection to the Exchange Server, it will automatically switch to checking every 15 minutes. It’ll switch back to Always on at the next scheduled period
* When editing your Out of Office (OoO) message on the phone, Mail for Exchange retrieves the current OoO message from the server when the setting/tab is accessed and OoO is set to “Yes” as opposed to periodically which was the case in prior versions. This requires connectivity with the server and may cause a short delay
* You can now manage your device by name instead of by IMEI through Outlook Web Access (OWA) email client if allowed by account. OWA users can perform device management features on their phone clients

Change Log :

*Features include folder support and viewing email in HTML format.

Download: Click Here

Smartphoneware Best Full Screen Caller v4.00 S60v3 v5 SymbianOS9x incl Keygen-HSpda

Do you want to see the person calling more clearly and in details? Well, use Best Full Screen Caller and your wish will be granted! Best Full Screen Caller can show you the big picture of a person when you are receiving a phone call if this person is stored in your contacts database!


* Showing full screen caller's picture during the call;
* Showing sender's picture and subject for incoming messages;
* Ability to select a picture from the Gallery, File Browser or take a picture with the camera;
* Support for displaying big pictures stored in Contacts (for S60 3rd edition FP2 and S60 5th edition);
* Displaying call time and current time during the call;
* Three display modes: full screen, details, full screen details;
* Ability to set pictures for Contact Groups, unknown numbers and a default picture;

What's new in Best Full Screen Caller

* S60 5th edition layout and support is added;
* Conversation time and current time during phone call is added;
* Supports big pictures assigned to contact in native Contacts application;
* Cupture picture from camera option is added;
* Shows small icon (thumbnail) if contacts picture is available;
* Font type option is replaced by font size option, now it's more smooth for font customization;

Download: Click Here

Nokia Energy Profiler

Examine your phone's internal action like never before! This neat little app allows you to measure power consumption for hours and view the results as cool line graphics. Check your internet connection speed. Investigate cellular network's coverage. Watch the processor load during applications. And more!

Note: For S60v3 phones.

Download: Click Here

vBagX v1.25 S60 3rd ed OS9.1 Unsigned-Cracked

vBag is a GameBoy Advance emulator that can play GBA games on your mobile phone.

vBagX is the latest version of vBag.

For S60v3 and some S60v2, full speed with perfect sound effects for most games
- Big rom size support (full support for 32M rom)
 -Speed adjustment option and frameskip option
- Graphics mode option (full,landscape,origin)

- Save/Load in games (flash,eeprom,sram up to 128K)
- Key map setting
- Sound volume switch
- Thread priority option
Nokia Series 60v3 (3250, 5500, 5700, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93, N95, E50, E60, E61, E70...)

Updates of v1.1:

1. Each rom with 5 save/load slots
2. "landscape origin" mode added

3. For "Graph"->"output", "bitmap" mode is set as default mode. You can change it to "direct" mode, if your phones support. The speed will be improved a little.

4. Some graphic bugs fixed
vBagX 1.20 S60v3 updates from vBagX 1.12 S60v3:

1. Big speed boost

2. Better sound

3. Some options added:

TCache: 3M(default). If your phone's free RAM memory is big enough, such as N81, N95(8GB),N82, you can try to set it as 5M.

4. Fixed some phone's direct mode problem, such as N81.

vBagX 1.25: Updates from vBagX 1.20 S60v3

1. fix some emulation bugs (some unaligned ldm/jump, thumb blh jump)

2. fix some compatibility problem. provide an option for user selection speed/compatibility. mode 3 is very slow and is not recommended.

3. Sound is more smooth when speed is enough. Make sure speed option is normal (not fast) to let sound smooth

4. media key support (on s60v3, app can only capture volume up/down now)

5. simple cheat file support. for ABC.gba, write a cheat file named ABC.gba.cht. Its content format is as follows:




that means it lockes [0x2002A46] to byte 0x0A, locks [0x3006FA2] to halfword 0x6C, locks [0x2004250] to word 0x63

paste your gba roms in C:\Data\Others\Vbag. If you wish to install it in memory card then put your gba roms in E:\Data\Others\Vbag.

Download: Click here

You can download Gameboy Advance (gba) roms by clicking here.


Extend the life of your phone battery up to 30%!
Do you have days when your battery runs low too quickly? Do you sometimes forget your charger and wonder if your phone will last until the end of the day? Advanced Battery Saver will help you get the most out of your battery and stay connected longer!

Battery-optimizing modes
Advanced Battery saver adjusts the power-consumption of the following phone functions: lights, vibration, network, Bluetooth, Internet connection, sounds and applications.

  • Three predefined power-saving modes, Saver off, Basic saver and Max saver, help you quickly switch your power-saving configuration
  • Option to define your own power-saving modes to extend the life of your battery by selecting which phone functions and applications to shut down according to your needs
  • The power-savings chart allows you to compare the remaining battery life for the currently selected power-saving mode with that of the predefined modes
Auto-Saver Mode
With the Auto-saver feature you can set your phone to automatically switch to your preferred power-saving mode. Specify the battery level (in bars) at which you want to start saving power, and let Advanced Battery Saver do the rest. Supported languages
Advanced Conference Call is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Bulgarian.

Supported Devices
Nokia: 3250, 5230, 5320, 5500, 5530, 5630, 5700, 5730, 5800 XpressMusic, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6122c, 6124, 6210, 6220, 6290, 6650, 6710, 6710, 6720, 6730, 6760, 6790, 6788, E50, E51, E52, E55, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E63, E65, E66, E70, E71, E72, E75, E90, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N79, N80, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N85, N86, N86 8GB, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N96, N97, Nokia X6
Samsung: SGH-G810, SGH-L870, SGH-i400, SGH-i408, SGH-i450, SGH-i520, SGH-i550, SGH-i560, SGH-i570, SGH-i7110, SGH-i8510, SGH-i8910
Sony Ericsson: Sony Ericsson Satio

Download: Click Here

Symbian OS-9.X Themes (OS v9.1, 9.2, 9.3) Win 7 Ultimate

Download: Click Here

Sunday, May 9, 2010

MSN Windows Live Messenger v6.100.1032 S60v3 (2010)

Download: Click Here

Fring v4.02(7) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed {World’s 1st Mobile Internet Video Calls}

- The main screen is the contact list of all your fringstertm friends, Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, Twitter, AIM and Yahoo! buddies, and those from your handset's regular contact list.

- Make free calls to all your IM buddies from wherever you are and gain mobility as never before. Watch your friends live and keep up with your social life while on the go!

- fring's chat feature means you can view entire chat conversations in real-time on your handset and reduce the lag time and high accumulated costs of SMS.

- Send & receive your favorite videos, music, games, ringtones, docs & more with fring's new file transfer feature.

- Automatically login to WiFi hotspots with frings new auto-roaming feature! Save lots of time and hassle as you no longer have to search for access points, and save money by automatically using free WiFi instead of your 3G data plan.

- And many more like Fringtones, call history etc....

The newest version contains some quality improvements, bug fixes and better connectivity in some specific scenarios – so we highly recommend that you get the latest and greatest version, as well.

Download (Symbian 9.1 Devices): Click Here
Download (Symbian 9.2 Devices): Click Here
Download (Symbian 9.3 Devices): Click Here

Backup Your registration, config...files before formating

sometimes there are such moments, when it is necessary to do hard reset. But to restore all of again occupies a lot of time.
Here is A list of configurations, registrations and other.


Default apps:

Adobe Reader:
c:/Private/20001bb9/20001bb9.ini (configuration file);
c:/Private/200002c2/quicksheet.ini (configuration file);
c:/Private/200002c1/quickword.ini (configuration file);
Zip manager:
c:/Private/2000023d/zipmanager.ini (configuration file);
c:/Private/10208a29/ManualVideoEditor.ini (configuration file);
c:/Private/101ffa91/ImageEditor.ini (set. file);
c:/Private/101ffa91/PluginStorage.ini (configuration of
c:/Data/radiostations.db (set. file of the stations);
c:/private/101ff976/visualradio.ini (configuration file);
c:/Private/101F8530/Coocies.dat (kookies);
c:/Private/100012a5/DBS_101FD685_BrowserSavges.db (File of the saving pages);
c:/Private/100012a5/DBS_101FD685_BrowserBookmarks.db (book-marks, before copying kill a process *FavouritesSrv.exe*, maybe the phone will hang up);
c:/Private/10003a5b/Calendar (set. file );
c:/Private/100012a5/DBS_101F8878_Notepad.dat (file of the notes);

Apps from Lonely Cat Games:

For registration in all of applications answers:
с:/Private/100012a5/DBS_100065ff_Contacts.cdb ( before copying kill a process *CNTSrv.exe*)
LCG Jukebox:
!:/private/a0000bcc/MusicPlayer/config.txt (configuration file);
!:/System/Data/ProfiMail/config.txt (configuration file);
!:/System/Data/ProfiMail/accounts.bin (This file is responsible for the setup of your account - your mail servers);
!:/System/Data/ProfiMail/mail/ (folder with the message and headers of messages from the accounts)
!:/system/data/profimail/messages.bin (responsible for incoming and outgoing messages);
!:/private/a0000bcd/Explorer/config.txt (configuration file);
!:/private/a0000bcd/Explorer/QuickDirs.bin (file is responsible for the labels);
!:/private/a0000bcd/Explorer/Assoc.bin (file is responsible for the association);
!:/System/data/Slick/accounts.bin (account`s configuration);
SmartMovie v4.x
!:/Private/a000b868/xl_config.kls (configuration file);

Apps from Epocware:

It is intended for the licensed possessors of these applications
Handy Calculator:
c:/private/2000cec6/HandyCalculator.ini (file of registration);
Handy Calendar:
c:/private/20004ec1/HandyCalendar.ini (file of registration and of configuration);
Handy Clock:
c:/private/200013A4/HandyClock.ini (file of registration);
c:/Epocware/HandyClock/Settings.ini (configuration file);
c:/private/20007fab/HandyConverter.ini (file of registration);
c:/private/2000A4B2/HandyProfilesServer.ini (configuration file and file switching profile);
c:/private/2000A4B1/HandyProfiles.ini (file of registration);
c:/private/20013B7B/HandyShell.ini (file of registration and configuration *apps and contacts*);
c:/private/20013B78/HandyShellServer.ini (configuration file);
c:/private/20004EBB/HandyTaskman.ini (file of registration and configuration);
Handy Weather:
c:/private/2000139F/HandyWeather.ini (file of registration);
c:/private/2000139D/DownloadServer.ini (file of registration IMEI on a server);
c:/Epocware/HandyWeather/Settings.ini (configuration file of cities);
c:/private/20001a58/SlovoEd.ini (configuration file);
c:/private/20001A58/DictId3.ini (file of dictionaries registration );

Apps from SmartphoneWare:

!:/data/BBlacklist/BestBlacklist.db (file of registration);
!:/data/BBlacklist/BestBlackList.ini (configuration file);
!:/private/20012550/Timer_reg.reg (file of registration);
!:/private/20012550/Timers (file of timers);
!:/Private/200095E7/BestProfiles.reg (file of registration);
!:/Data/SmartphoneWare/BestProfiles/settings.dat (Schedule profile switching);
!:/private/2000FE63/FSCaller.reg (file of registration);
!:/private/2000FE63/FSCaller.dat (configuration file);
Best private conversation:
!:/Smartphoneware/BPC/Rules.dat (configuration file);

System :

!/:system/data/ActiveFile/Settings/general.ini (configuration file);
c:/Data/N82smart/n82smart.ini (configuration file);
Smart Settings:
c:/private/2000e18c/SmartSettingsSettings.ini (file of registration and configuration);
c:/private/ebe74ca5/SlideHelper.ini (configuration file);
c:/Data/FreeCallSprite/FreeCallSprite.cfg (configuration file );
Vibrate call:
!:/private/200143DA/regfile.txt (file of registration);
!:/private/200143DA/VibrateCall.ini (configuration file);
!:/ private/EAFE014C/ (folder with a list of programs: protected , removable, unusual, reserved );
!:/System/data/JbakTaskMan.ini (all config. of app);
c:/private/2000713a/taskspy.ini (configuration file);
!:/Private/200095EB/Tracker_reg.reg (file of registration);
!:/Private/200095EB/note.txt (notes);
!:/Private/200095EB/options.dat (configuration file);
!:/Private/200095EB/recent.dat (hot keys);
с:/Private/20008A14/PowerBoot.cfg (list of the programs for an autostart);
Switch off:
c:/Private/2001b52e/SOServerSettings.ini (configuration file);
Kaspersky Mobile Security v7.x:
c:/private/200112C4/Settings.kls (configuration file);
c:/private/200112С4/b.dat (bases of updates);
Kaspersky Mobile Security v8.x:
c:/private/2001CFC6/settings.kls (configuration file);
c:/private/2001CFC6/b.dat (bases of updates);
c:/Private/101f401d/Logdbu.dat (file of registration, before copying kill a process *LogServ.exe*);
!/:System/Apps/MagicKey/config.ini (information about the substitution of keys);
c:/system/data/mcleaner.ini (file of registration);
с:/system/Apps/mcleaner/bl.db (black list);
с:/system/Apps/mcleaner/wl.db (white list);
с:/system/Apps/mcleaner/setup.cfg (configuration file);
Private call and sms guard:
!:/private/20003CF6/CallMan3.dat (configuration file);
аdvanced Device Lock Pro:
c:/private/2000013A/ADLProSettings.ini (configuration file);
Anticreepers - Phone BAK:
c:/info/bkuSet.txt (configuration file);
c:/info/bk2uSim.txt (saved SIM);

!:/Private/a6666661/xMAKER.ini (configuration file);

c:/System/data/RPAuto.dat (responsible for setting of patches in an autostart);

c:/private/eeba6780/freesigner.ini (configuration file);
!:/System/Apps/callme/callmenumber.dat (configuration file);
с:/private/e0989dfo/S603rdSigner.ini (configuration file);

Office :

!/Data/Ded.ini (configuration file);
c:/system/data/ThePencil.ini (configuration file);
с:/private/a0000c49/QReader.ini (configuration file);
ABBYY Lingvo 11:
c:/Private/2000875a/lingvo.ini (configuration file);

Internet and GPS:

!:/System/data/viger.dat (file of registration);
!:/System/Apps/Opera/HELP/home.html (home page);
!:/private/2000015a/wand.dat и
!:/System/data/Opera/cookies4.dat (files of cookies);
!:/System/data/Opera/Bookmarks (Bookmarks);
!:/System/data/Opera/Opera.ini (configuration file);
!:/System/data/ucwebconfig/UCFavoritesUriList.dat (book-marks);
!:/System/data/ucwebconfig/UCKeyboardShortcut.dat (hot keys);
!:/System/data/ucwebconfig/UCSettingsData.dat (configuration file);
!:/data/2000E024/foreca2.dat (configuration file of cities);
c:/private/e6faeaae/FreeTimeBox.ini (configuration file);
c:/Data/FreeTimeBox/FreeTimeBox.dat (responsible for the list of app for a black or white list);
!:/private/e9894b66/FreeTimeSync.ini (configuration file);
!:/data/DvOffline/DvOffline.ini (configuration file);
Garmin Mobile XT:
!:/Garmin/Apps/Symbian/GARMIN.NVM (2 files responsible for *garmin oneline*, *language*, *language of vocal reports*, *units*);
!:/Garmin/GarminDevice.xml (files responsible for *my places* );


!:/Private/20012FA6/config.xml (settings);
DivX Player:
!:/private/2000ED5F/DivX/Config.txt (configuration file);
FIVN Player:
!:/private/2000BDA8/FIVNPlayer.dat (configuration file);
!:/TTPod/data/TTPod.ini (configuration file: Equalizer settings, hot keys);
Flash 3:
c:/Private/2000a154/saflash2.ini (configuration file);
Resco Photo Viewer v5.0.0:
c:/private/2000737E/RescoViewer_2000737E.ini (configuration file);
c:/system/system.ini (file of registration);
Gif tailor:
!:/Private/E49067BA/GifTailor.cfg (configuration file);
Interactive Voice Call Master:
!/private/20003be4/Ivcm_0x20003be4.ini (configuration file);
!:/System/Apps/TotalRecall/callcard.key (file of registration);
!:/System/Apps/TotalRecall/totalrecall.cfg (settings);
Alon MP3 Dictaphone:
c:/private/a0001286/ALONMP3DICTAPHONE.set (configuration file);
c:/System/data//// (configuration file);
Shazam ID:
!:/Private/A2005BCB/shazams.ini (configuration file);
!:/Private/A2005BCB/notshazam.ini (info);


c:/private/E0006281/Screenshot.ini (configuration file);
!:/Private/2000A582/ScreenSnap.sav (configuration file);
c:/Data/AnimSprite/Sprite.cfg (configuration file);
с:/datа/cClock.dat (configuration file);
!:/private/200046e6/S60TickerServer_v01.cfg (configuration file);
!:/private/2000C3EC/remotes/ (folder with the bases of controls);
Best Answering Machine:
!:/Smartphoneware/AnsMachine/settings.dat (configuration file);
!:/Smartphoneware/AnsMachine/records.db (configuration file of recording);
!:/Private/2001ac26/AnsMachine.reg (file of registration);
!:/Others/StyleTap/db/Saved Preferences#abaaaaaahdhjhdhagghchahd.stp (configuration file);
!:/Others/StyleTap/db/Unsaved Preferences#abaaaaaahdhjhdhagggfhcha.stp (incomprehensible file);
!:/Private/10009D8F/ECom.dat (incomprehensible file);
Font Magnifier:
С:/System/Apps/PFM/settings.dat (configuration file);


!:/System/Apps/smartSIS/ss.dat (configuration file);
c:/data/SMSnet/smsnet.ini (configuration file);
SmartGET 3.x:
c:/system/apps/SmartGET/urls.dat (list of downloads);
c:/system/apps/SmartGET/sets.dat (configuration file);
c:/System/apps/SmartGET/Skins/Default.skn (colour chart);
!:/System/Apps/SIStail/SIStail.cdb (base of autodelete);
c:/system/Apps/Mobilhex/ (folder with app settings: files ch.ini and check.ini, lang.ini - language)
c:/system/Apps/SendSMSsymb/podpis.dat (configuration file);
c:/system/Apps/SendSMSsymb/point.dat (access point);
c:/system/Apps/SendSMSsymb/idsms.dat and
c:/system/Apps/SendSMSsymb/idsmscap.dat (numbers);
E:/system/Apps/RscEditor/Temp/Path (last way);
E:/system/Apps/RscEditor/Temp/Temp (configuration file);
Time correct:
c:/system/apps/time_correct/tc_settings.dat (configuration file);
c:/Data/bashorg_settings.txt (configuration file);
Ped 2.30.5:
c:/private/e9e58be1/settings.bin (configuration file);
c:/private/e9e58be1/ped_file_browser_settings.bin (file with file browser`s history);
c:/data/EmOff_set.txt (configuration file);
!:/Private/A0007C2D/set (configuration file);
!:/Private/A0007C2D/hst (history of actions);

N-gage games:
N-gage Installer and files:

c:/private/20007b39/myprofile/usericon.mbm (responsible for profiles settings: connection);
c:/private/20003b85/ (folder fith files , which are responsible for a license);
c:/private/20007b39/ (subfolders for example - game536915903 - ,information of games there is the folder on every game);
e:/ (responsible for N-gage games, if to delete him, all of games will have to be reinstalled they will not be started. Attention, the file name is begun with a point!)

N-gage games:
Folders with games, there are settings and passing (subfolders arena - passing in arena):
System Rush (Evolution):
Space Impact Kappa Base:
Hooked On (Creatures of the Deep):
Snakes Subsonic:
Mile High Pinball:
Asphalt 3 (Street Rules(tm)):
Block Breaker Deluxe:
Brain Challenge(tm):
World Series of Poker® Pro Challenge:
Sims 2 Pets:
Brothers in Arms:
Pro Series Golf:
Midnight Pool:
Reset Generation:
Jadestone Dirk Dagger And The Fallen idol:
Star Wars (The Force):
The One:
Resident evil (Degeneration):
Boom Blox:
Fifa 09:

Solitaire cafe 12 pack:
Brothers in Arms:
Metal Gear Solid:

SIS games :

Sky Force Reloaded:
c:/private/a0000bf5/SkyForceReloaded.ini (file of registration);
!: /private/a0000bf5/game.cfg (file of saving );
!: /private/a0000bf5/hiscores.dat (records);
Super Miners:
c:/private/a0000bf4/SuperMiners.ini (file of registration) ;
!:/private/a0000bf4/game.cfg (file of saving);
!:/private/a0000bf4/hiscores.dat (records);
!:/Private/F0202C7F/S-Tris2.cfg (config., saving and records);
!:/Private/F0202C7B/game.cfg (config., saving and records);
!:/Private/F0202C78/game.cfg (config., saving and records);
Arcade From Hell:
!:/Private/A00053F1/ (folder with savings and records, there is a lot of files and all are differents);
Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D:
!:/Private/2001A618/settings.dat (config., saving and records);
!:/Private/2001A618/Saves/ (folder with savings);
Panda Manda:
!:/Private/200149DE/PandaManda.cfg (config., saving and records);
!:/Private/20007766/ (folder with the levels of game);
!:/Private/2000126d/settings.bin (config., saving and records);
Marble Revolution 2:
c:/Private/2001031f/marbles.ini (config., saving and records);
Scorched City:
с:/Private/AFFFDD02/settings.dat (config. file);
с:/Private/AFFFDD02/savedgame.dat (file of saving);
Final Battle:
c:/Private/a0003C62/Prefs.ini (config. file);
c:/Private/a0003C62/GameStatus.ini (file of saving);
Paintball II:
с:/Private/a000267d/ (folder with config., records and passing);
!:/Private/2000126d/settings.bin (config., saving and records);
Marble Cannon (in 6120):
c:/system/Apps/marblecannon/highscore.bin (file of records );
c:/system/Apps/marblecannon/RESUME.BIN (file of savings);
c:/system/Apps/marblecannon/SETTINGS.BIN (config. file);
Seven Days:
!:/system/Apps/SevenDays/spt_slot.sav и
!:/system/Apps/SevenDays/slot.sav (file of savings);
!:/system/Apps/SevenDays/config.sdt (config. file);
Resco Bubbles:
!:/private/A000B313/config.dat ( file of config., and passing);
Prince of Persia:
!:/private/2001EF02/data.sav (file of savings);
Tomb Rider: Legend:
!:/private/200076E9/save.ini (file of savings, BTW, in this file in * LastLevel = ?* you can write any level and to begin from there);
Assassins Creed:
!:/Private/2001567D/data.sav (file of savings);

All Credit goes to Adeel at

Capree iON BatteryTimer v1.04 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cracked FoXPDA

The remaining battery time and more...
Have you ever been concerned if your battery survives the whole day when far from the battery charger or have you experienced unexpected battery drain over a single day? If so, using iON BatteryTimer for S60 3rd will appreciably improve your day-to-day smartphone experience.
It can be installed on any S60 3rd device with 320x240 and 240x320 pixels screen resolution while offering the control of operating time remaining to complete discharge, providing the estimated future date&time of the battery being completely discharged and presenting how long the battery holds its charge on average. The iON presents data in three ways: main application, standby plug-in, power saver.
Provides information about:
Operating time remaining to complete discharge,
Estimated future date&time of the battery being completely discharged,
How long the battery holds its charge on average.
Fast and handy access to remaining time at home/standby screen.
Power saver with additional ‘big’ battery level percentage indicator, built-in system notifications (e.g. missed calls, messages, unread emails, current profile, keypad lock).
During the installation process you will be prompted to accept copying data to your device internal memory - not an extra memory card. It will use only small amount of memory, about 150kb and is required for proper operation of the program. There is also a need to run background ?Core’''''''''' process which must start automatically each time device is booted. However, it utilizes negligible amount of CPU time (less than 1% once per minute).
You have 9 days to test fully functional trial version and to activate the application afterwards. You can register your license key with one device (IMEI) for a lifetime and it cannot be transferred to any other device. It can be reinstalled and activated at the same device as many times as needed.
The most accurate readings will be after 3-5 full charge/discharge cycles. So be patient, please.
Quick start
Follow these four quick steps to start using iON in the most effective way. Before proceeding make sure you have installed iON using appropriate .sis file and have accepted Precautions.
Step 1 -Start the main applications
After installation you should be able to find iON BatteryTimer icon among installed applications (e.g. path for Nokia N95 is MAIN MENU > APPLICATIONS > ION BATTERYTIMER). After starting the application you will see Trial mode and Welcome dialog.
Step 2- Enable Standby plug-in
Choose OPTIONS menu and STANDBY PLUG-IN > ON. It will activate Standby plug-in on home screen of your device, showing small battery icon and operating time remaining to discharge. If plug-in is enabled it will start automatically each time your phone is started.
Step 3- Enable power saver
If you prefer to test or use dedicated power saver choose iON Power saver from your device power savers menu (path for Nokia N95 is TOOLS > SETTINGS > GENERAL > PERSONALIZATION > THEMES > POWER SAVER).
After 3-5 charge-discharge cycles iON will be the most accurate. Should some inexact estimation happens you are advised to fully charge battery and use RESET option from main OPTIONS menu.
Step 4 – Enable Active Standby iON shortcut (optional)
If you prefer fast access to all data provided by iON main application you can enable Active standby application shortcut at Standby mode settings (e.g. path for Nokia N95 is MAIN MANU > TOOLS > SETTINGS > GENERAL > PERSONALIZATION > STANDBY MODE > ACTIVE STANDBY APPS. ). Choose Shortcut (e.g. SHORTCUT 3) and then find iON BatteryTimer radio button among all applications. Now you should see iON icon on the home screen.
Whats New In Version 1.04 :
Lack of icons on FP0 devices - fixed
Standby plug-in startup error on FP0 devices - fixed
Plugin procentage indication is back at the portrait mode
Better overall estimation performance
Note: the most accurate readings will be after 3-5 full charge/discharge cycles.
Download: Click Here

Dr.Web Antivirus v5.0.125 (2010) + Updated 28/04/2010

xlfiu9 256vaxz r0xlk8
Dr.Web for Symbian can either hold a full antivirus scanning the file system, or "inspect" the files and folders specified by the user (including on removable memory cards). With the dangerous objects conversation short - to delete or quarantine. Upon completion of its work program provides the user with a detailed report. One of the key features of Dr.Web for Symbian - the possibility of creating black and white lists, through which filtered SMS messages and phone calls. Thus it is possible not only to protect themselves from unwanted contact, but also to protect against fraud - in particular, will never receive SMS from the supposedly familiar people asking to put money on the phone. Regular updates via internet connection does not become out of date virus database. Easy to use graphical interface...
Note: For S60v3 devices only.!
Download: Click Here

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Infinite Dreams SkyForce Reloaded 1.00c S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Cracked DeFconX

Note: For s60v3 devices only!

Download: Click Here

Snake Sub sonic (N-Gage) Cracked

Note: For hacked phones.

Download: Click Here

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands from G@meloft Java Game (all Version)

S60v3 Screen´s
Sealed away for centuries, the evil Ifrit is free once again and now threatens to destroy the kingdom ruled by Malik, the Prince's brother. Grab your sword and strike down your enemies in 9 locations including the Palace, Catacombs and Desert. Restore life to the desert, undo the destruction and return Malik's kingdom to glory. Unleash the Prince's new fighting skills and spectacular abilities to overcome foes and unravel secrets. It's time for you to find your power and unleash your destiny!

* The official mobile game of Ubisoft's new next generation console game
* New powers to perform and master: Restore life to plants, stop time and more
* Thrilling chase levels where you have to run and avoid obstacles to escape your enemy
* New fighting skills: Cast spectacular spells, throw enemies, steal their weapons and more
* 9 varied and detailed locations including the Palace, Fortress, Ruins and Catacombs
* Interactive environments: Climb columns, discover secret rooms & destroy objects

info: jar, Eng , Action
Download: For E71: Click Here
Download: For N-95 and other phones: Click Here

42 Patches for ROMPatcher+ 2.2 and above

All the credit for the patches goes to "wadowice et al".

Here's the list of all patches:-

I've just compiled the contents. I don't own responsibility for what the patches do!

How to use:
Just extract them all to "C:\Patches", i.e. to your Phone Memory or if you installed rom patcher in your memory card then paste these patches in "E:\Patches", and they'll show up in ROMPatcher!

If you hacked your phone then rom patcher is already installed in your phone if your phone is not hacked then please download hellox 2.02 hacking method from here.

Download: Click Here

Gameloft: Midnight Pool


Cracked version of Midnight Pool.

Download and Enjoy


Download: Click Here

World Series Of Poker: Pro Challenge (N-Gage) Cracked

It is a crack version of World Series of Poker: Pro Challenge. Download and Enjoy.

Download: Click Here

WebGate Advanced Call Manager v2.69.198 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned Cracked-illusion

Important Advantage
The Advanced Call Manager unique feature is the ultra-fast recognition of remote callers which allows personalized replies (SMS, mute, reject, accept, greet, divert) to be attributed within a part of a second leaving the caller unaware of your current availability. The application rich functionality makes it a very convenient tool for any manager as it saves time by taking over the management of your incoming calls when you are too busy to do it by yourself.
With Advanced Call Manager you can organize your phone book into custom lists like Black (people you don't like to disturb you), White list (important people who are "allowed" to call you) or any other custom lists (a very special custom group could be your family to which you can wish to send a personal SMS if somebody calls you during a meeting). The application enables you to set different actions for the groups you have defined - you can accept, reject, divert calls, send personalized SMS, play personalized greeting or mute the ringer. In SMS templates you can set special messages for each group very easily. You can do the same with the personalized greetings.
The Advanced Call Manager lets you tune your mobile into several modes:
- Accept all calls (inactive)
- Reject all calls
- Accept Phonebook only
- Reject from black list (you have to define the list in advance)
- Accept from white list (you have to define the list in advance)
- Reject all + custom action (e.g. send SMS to your wife or girlfriend if she calls)
Additionally you can specify:
- Reject hidden callers (you can avoid people whose numbers cannot be retrieved)
- Accept hidden callers
For reject-call actions you can choose to:
- Send busy tone / drop
- Reply by SMS
- Divert calls
- Mute the ringer
- Send personalized greeting (applies to Nokia devices only!)
- Main product features
- Ultra fast searching algorithm recognizes the remote caller within a part of the second
- Convenient management of all incoming calls
- Auto run at power-on feature*
- Status indicator of the program activity
- Tight integration with the contacts from the phone book.
Download: Click Here

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Talkonaut v5.58.99 S60v3 S60v5


● IM chat
● Group chat
● Presence and status
● Chat history
● Avatars
● Calling over GPRS, 3G or WIFI
● Calling to GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and iChat
● Traffic compression (Zlib)
● File sharing
● SIP support
● WIFI roaming
● Touch screen support

Download: Click Here