Monday, May 31, 2010

SBSH FExplorer Pro v2.10 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed FULL

FExplorer Pro
Powerful set of utilities that are missing with S60 phones for advanced users. Including the most robust file explorer with file searching, ZIP files management, image viewer and more! Screen capture utility, flashlight, memory defragment, advanced phone and network info tools and much more!

Utilities Package

FExplorer Pro is a set of essential tools that are missing with the S60 platform. FExplorer Pro tools set is designed to complement your S60 phone in the best possible way! FExplorer Pro utilities are divided to sections: Robust File Explorer, Tools and Phone Utilities.

File Explorer

* NEW! Send files through bluetooth, email or any additional transmission hardware available on your phone model
* NEW! Direct access to files located in your inbox
* Robust File Explorer tool to easily browse and manage your phone files!
* ZIP files support. Compress and extract ZIP files with your mobile phone
* File management: create, delete, rename files and folders
* Manage file attributes
* File searching
* Image viewer
* File editor (Hex, Binary, ASCII Text and Unicode Text)

NEW! Tasks Manager

* View a complete list of all currently running tasks (processes) on your phone
* Get full information about each running task
* Use robust task management utilities: switch to, close process and kill running tasks

Ver 2.1, 02/09/2010

* BUG FIX: when the screenshot is activated (FEP is running in background), the screenshot taken after switching between landscape<>portrait is correct.
* BUG FIX: when renaming a file, the filename of the previous file was proposed instead of the current file.
* BUG FIX: when getting the files properties, the title of the box contained the filename of the previous file (or directory) although the information were correct for the current file.
* BUG FIX: when getting the directories properties, the title of the box contained the name of the previous file (or directory) although the information were correct for the current directory.
* NEW: added the .sisx file type for the icon in front of a file.6. NEW: at the root level, added an entry before the [processes] : [inbox] which gives access to the files in attachment of the messages.
* NEW: the attached files in the inbox are now accessible from the main screen.
* NEW: a toolbar is activated in the 5th edition with the following buttons:
o Left : marks/un-marks the current item in the list.
o Middle : displays the toolbar extension with the following buttons: copy / cut / paste.
o Right : deletes the current item in the list.
* NEW: a blue left arrow (icon) has been placed in front of the ".." (go one level up) in the lists.[/font]
* BUG FIX: on the N97 (5th ed), when an item containing a size was highlighted, the font size of all the items browsed became smaller until the app was re-started.[/font]
* NEW: in the settings, it's now possible to define the color of the second column in the lists (the file size).[/font]
* NEW: the main screen (the root) has been modified, each drive comes now with a gradient gauge (from red to green) showing graphically the used/free disk space.[/font]
* NEW: on big drives, the capacity can be displayed in GB (instead of 9999MB).[/font]
* NEW: the format of the drives capacity is now displayed with a decimal value.[/font]
* NEW: the number of inbox attachments, processes & tasks running is now displayed on the main screen (root).[/font]
* the restart function has been removed when installed on a samsung device.[/font]
* NEW: the task manager has been completely re-written with the possibility to close or kill a task, to view tasks information such as : windows group name, uid, code size, attributes, capabilities.[/font]
* NEW: added the SVG in the build-in files types.[/font]
* NEW: in the tools tabs, added a function which can constantly monitor the free available ram, this ram is displayed at the top left corner and stays in foreground (until it's turned off).[/font]
* the format of the files FILESLST.TXT (dump files list) and INSTAPP.TXT (installed applications) are now in Unicode to be read directly from the build-in notepad.[/font]
* the 2 editions (3rd & 5th) have their specific exe (and functionnalities) which are embedded into one .sis and installed according to the target.[/font]
* minor cosmetics & bugs fixed.
* BUG FIX: on ".." (go to one level up), the "File/Make dir" is now activated and it's now possible to create a directory into an empty one.
* NEW: added 'send' in the file menu which allows to send the current highlighted file via Bluetooth, infrared or email.
* BUG FIX: Corrected the display of some alphabets from right to left like Hebrew.

Download: Click Here

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