Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Today's mobile handsets are more than simple phones. With integrated still and video cameras, music playback and data processing capabilities, smartphones are mobile computers. But without network access, a mobile computer is a data desert island - hard to get data onto and hard to get data off.

Telexy Networks is currently developing a set of technologies and applications enabling seamless wireless networking between Symbian mobile devices and network computers.

It is easy for Symbian Phone to join Windows, Mac or Linux computer network now. Just install SymSMB 4.00 on your Nokia S60 3rd edition or SymSMB 3.10 on your Sony Ericsson UIQ3 based phone and start accessing, copying, sharing any files on your network wirelessly. SymSMB is based on secure, fast and industry proven network communication platform. With SymSMB your Symbian phone turns into network in your pocket. Your phone storage is not limited by the size of your MMC card any more. It is whole network of computers and servers at your fingertip anytime anywhere!

SymSMB 4.00 for S60 - enjoy the freedom of mobile networking!

SymSMB 4.00 new features:

- Built-in music player to play music directly from network location;
- Open/edit network files;
- 3 options of autoconnect;
- "Always Ask" Access Point support;
- Added share-level security mode support (better NAS drives support);
- UI improvements (Search, Mark/Unmark);
- SymVPN ready;

With SymSMB 4.00 for S60 you can:
- play music directly from network music file;
- browse computer network from the phone;
- open files from any network location;
- share phone's files such that they can be accessed from any computer on the network;
- access phone files from different operating systems: Windows (Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000), Mac OS, Linux, UNIX;
- work with phone files from any computer through "Network Neighbourhood" or "My Network Places" without additional software installation or configuration on a computer;
- browse network around your phone as you are used to from your favourite desktop;
- get access to the network computers according to your rights and permissions;
- map network drives for easy access;
- flexibly control your phone visibility on network via “Auto-connect” feature;
- do all from the above using any available transport bearer (Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G, WiMAX, Bluetooth, etc.);

Install SymSMB 4.00 and obtain native, platform-level wireless read/write access between your phone and any trusted PC network while still using your phone to make and receive voice calls at the same time.

Download: Click Here

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