Monday, December 20, 2010

FlyingBird Software RingtoneMaker v1.1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cracked

The Ringtone Maker is a Symbian application that allows you to use any of your personal songs, and have it on your mobile phone as a ringtone for your contact or store it in the memory to access it later.

Application features two editing modes for quick and precise tuning, volume control and possibility to customize step for rewind.

Nokia Situtation (For All Devices)

Nokia Situations helps your device tie more into your life. You can manually define situations, like “In a meeting”, “Sleeping”, “Watching TV”, or “Playing with kids” and define how you want the device to act.  With the application running in the background, your device automatically senses the situation you are in and adapts to it according to your preferences.

You can trigger any combination of the following actions in any situation:

FontRouterMan v1.06 Release Candidate 3 ,GUI for FontRouter LT (Pre-FP1,FP1,FP2)

Word from the partner [Font r outerMan] v1.06 Release Candidate 3

*Spark FINAL v1.00(7055) S60v3 SymbainOS9.x Signed

*Spark is a geo-aware, socially integrated, interactive set-top box for your Android or Symbian Smartphone. *Spark's News, Social, Weather, Sports, Entertainment, Alerts & Other Programming is rich, active and ever-expanding. You can turn on or off what you like, re-arrange your modules, add feeds and discover new content all from your phone's Home screen.

ThinkChange nUnlock v2.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed - Full

nUnlock is a simulation of the iPhone lock screen. You need to first
unlock your 5800 with the unlock key! When the iPhone lock screen pops up,
you can slide the screen to "unlock" the phone, also you can still use the Green, Menu, Red keys of your 5800.

Friday, December 3, 2010

[Symbian] Capree iON Batter Timer 1.05 cracked-Self Signed (Links Updated 08-2013)

Did you ever concern if your battery survive the whole day while far from the battery charger or did you experience unexpected battery drain down over a day? If so, using iON BatteryTimer for S60 will appreciable improve your day-to-day smartphone experience.