Sunday, November 25, 2012

[Announce] BlessN900- A Camera app for N900

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Bless is a alternative camera app for N900 with functions like HDR, HQ Photos with Super Zoom, Standard mode, Shallow, Burst/Bracketing and Raw mode. It takes great photos with amazing imaging capabilities and using it in night is a great fun with amazing photos. When taking images hold your N900 and don't shake it as BlessN900 takes 4 images when you press camera button, each picture with different settings and then combines them for great result. Bless N900 modes:

Camera Interference:

Download and Install:

There are 2 methods for installing this app:

1: Open terminal type:
      apt-get install blessn900

2: Download files from BlessN900 own download page: Click Here

Note: if you want to download and install from BlessN900 own page please also download f-camera drivers available on the same page and install them before BlessN900 as it requires them to run properly.


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