Friday, October 13, 2017

Setting up N900 after reset and Adding Repository in 2017

Few days ago I was playing with my N900 and was installing U-Boot to boot Kali Linux rolling edition in my N900. But unfortunately i messed up phone and had to reflash my phone. Reflashing phone was quite easy as i opted for flashing with Linux this time instead of flashing it in Windows which now a days (specially with Win 10) is pain.

After flashing i thought to write a tutorial about setting up N900 in 2017 as many things have changed since last time i flashed my phone (it was i guess 2014 when i flashed my phone). Lets start setting up our beloved N900.
Adding Extra Respositories
First thing which i do always after resetting my N900 is adding Maemo Extras repositories. These repos contain almost all the apps which are available for N900. The Maemo community has three repos for end users; namely Extras, Extras-Testing and Extras-Devel. All 3 repos have apps based on there status (We will talk about this later). First lets start with Extras repository. First i will show you how to add a repository in N900.
To add a repository, open your HAM (Application Manager) in your N900 and click on its title bar to show HAM's Menu:
When menu appears, select Application Catalogues. After that a new window will appear which will show you all the repositories which are currently added in the phone. 
When this window appears click on New button to add a new repository. 
In the next window 4 things will be asked; Catalogue Name, Web address, Distribution and Components. Catalogue Name is for the name of the Repo. You can name it whatever you like. Fill the data and click on Save. Voila you have successfully added a repo. Now lets learn about the extra repositories.

1. Extras: This repository contains all the tested and stable apps. Apps which are already in this repository have been extensively tested, are completely stable and wont break your device. Novice and end users should only add this repository to their devices. You dont have to add this repo as its already added in your N900 by default.
2. Extras-Testing: This repository contains all the apps promoted from Extras-Devel repository. All the apps in this repository are mainly for testing purposes but are stable enough to be used daily. I usually always add this repo in my device as i never faced any issues using apps which are in this repository. Here are the details of this repository if you want to add it in your device.

Catalogue Name: Extras-Testing
Web Address:
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

3. Extras-Devel: Extras-Devel repo is the most dangerous one as it contains only untested and unchecked applications. Developers first upload their apps in this repo and after that they are promoted in Extras-Testing repo and after extensive testing they are moved to Extras repository. I dont recommend adding this repository in your phone as this can break your phone. Still here are the details to add this repo in your device.

Catalogue Name: Extras-Devel
Web Address:
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

 Thats it. You have now added 2 additional repositories in your N900. You can read about all these 3 repos HERE.

In next tutorial we will add alternative Nokia repositories are the official repos have been dead for about 3(or more?) years now. Like my Facebook Page for constant updates.
Thank you for reading. Bil out.

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