Saturday, April 8, 2017

[Maemo 5] EazyList

EasyList is a very simple task/shopping list app. You can enter plain text where every newline results in a new list item. The list item is a checkbox. The list is saved and also which items are checked.
  • You can also clear all checked items from the list.
  • You can uncheck all checked items easily.
  • You can sort checked items to the bottom.
  • You can sort checked items from A-Z.
  • You can sort checked items from A-Z and have the checked items sorted to the bottom.
  • Auto orientation is implemented.
  • Orientation is automatically set to landscape when keyboard is slide open.
  • Also support sync so you never lose your list.

Here are some screenshots of the app.

You can install this app either via HAM or using Terminal. If you prefer the easy way (practically both methods are easy) then open HAM (Application Manager) and search for easylist.
If you want to install it using Terminal then open terminal and type:

      apt-get install easylist

annnnd Done.

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