Friday, June 7, 2013

A New CSSU-Testing update Available

Hello Maemo Users. Today merlin1991 pushed a CSSU-T update in repository. Latest version is 21.2011.38-1Tmaemo8. It has some changes and some apps are updated as usual. Change log after the break.

Here is the long Change log:

* community-ssu-enabler: updated gpg key
* connui-home-cellular: fixed operator name display bugs
* dsme: added option -p | --poweroff, replaced calls to getbootsate with reads of /var/lib/dsme/saved_state
* gtk: Include maemo34 fixes #12144 and others
* hildon-desktop: New Qt rotation mechanism, ...
* libhildon: Fixed visible horitzontal scrollbar if HILDON_MOVEMENT_VERT is set
* libhildonfm: Enabled browsing bluetooth devices using obexFTP
* libpixman: Upgraded to upstream 0.28.2, added NEON / Integer optimizations
* libpng: Upgraded to upstream 1.2.49, fixes various CVES, added apng support, backported NEON patches
* libxml: Fixed zlib dependency, upgraded to upstream 2.8.0
* microb-engine: use system zlib and libpng (security patches)
* modest: Added optional IMAP option to update all folders when checking for new emails, fixed crash in email home applet, added support for attachments in sub-MIME parts, added progress indicator for POP3 send and recieve
* obexd: removed direct L2CAP support from OPP and FTP profiles
* osso-gnomevfs-extra: New package, adds ability to browse files on bluetooth devices from file manager
* osso-systemui-tklock: rewritten, no more memleaks
* osso-xterm: enabled portrait mode, prevent setting negative scrollback lines
* pulseaudio: decreased protocoll version from 16 to 15 (upstream 16 is different), new LIFO list implementation (speedup)
* rtcom-messaging-ui-portrait: added keeping the last messag in vew when the orientation changes, made new message adding portrait aware
* status-area-orientationlock-applet: updated french translation
* tracker: rebuilt with libpoppler from ssu repos to remove unecessary dependency on extras
* upstart: added config options for generating fstab, calling fsck and other actions to /etc/default/mount-opts-overwrite
* vte: prevents setting negative scrollback lines
* qt: Disabled QMaemo5OrientationManager, instead relies on hildon-desktop, black listed mis-issued certificates, allow using QPixmap outside GUI thread when using raster
* zlib: security patche

And also a note by merlin1991 on its post: The orientation lock is now optional and HAM might remove it in the upgrade, you can easily install it again if needed, it's in the Desktop section.

New Orientation locker also locks phone in portrait mode if you lock it in while using phone in Portrait mode.

How To Upgrade:

Open Xterminal and type:
root (enter)
apt-get update (enter)
apt-get upgrade (enter)

I don't recomment this way for Normal users as it will install all apps update available in Extras-Devel repo. Normal/End Users use this method instead.

Open HAM (Application Manager) and Click on "Download" and wait for it to show applications. When it done's loading then Tap on Menu and select "Refresh". It will update all repos and will show you a update Notification in status area. and update to latest CSSU-Testing from there.

Thats it. Enjoy latest version of CSSU-Testing. Good Luck.

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