Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guide: Updating and Downgrading Nitdroid Kernel


Hi N900 users. I saw lots of people doesnt know how to update their Nitdroid kernel as there is no automatic way of updating it via HAM. The only way to update it by using Xterm. But bear in mind that I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DAMAGE YOU DEVICE OR LOSE YOU FILES.
If you read the warning correctly and still want to continue then see tutorial after the jump.
Before you start updating Nitdroid kernel first you should have Nitdroid installed. You have to download Nitdroid kernel from e-yes download folder. Latest kernel which e-yes released is rc7. Lets try to update kernel to rc7. You have to download rc7 kernel by clicking on this LINK. Copy downloaded file to MyDocs. Dont put it in any folder. Here is the tutorial for upgarding/downgrading:

Boot into Maemo and Open Xterm and Type:
cd /
mount /home /and
cd /and
dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-07_7-rc7_armel.deb (note that you can replace kernel name with the file you have downloaded)

wait for it to complete installation. when its done then its time to check multiboot.item file. typing:

leafpad /etc/multiboot.d/11*

it will open multiboot config file for nitdroid. if you use a sdcard and don't want to take it out while booting into Nitdroid then change the value of ITEM_DEVICE to like this.

ITEM_DEVICE=${INT_CARD}p2 (if the value is like this then dont change it)

and if you want to boot nitdroid without sd card in N900 then change it to like this:

ITEM_DEVICE=mmcblk0p2 (0 means zero)

Thats the end of the tutorial. Happy Updating/Downgrading.

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  1. question... so the tutorial above is correct.
    But the editions required in the multiboot file is not mentioned. If i have an older version of kernel, and if its being updated to a more recent one, wont the nmultiboot config file require change of name? like eg rc6.6 to rc7.7?

  2. Ok I just followed your instructions and it worked somehow! I mean the files were replaced properly. below are details.

    Multiboot item file name in etc/multiboot.d= "11-Nitdroid-mmcblk0p2-2.6.28.NIT.06.item"
    Item file contents:
    Item Name: NITDroid 2.6.28.NIT.06 on mmcblk0p2
    Item Kernel: 2.6.28.NIT.06
    Item modules: ext3
    Item device: mmcblk0p2

    I logged into NItdroid and checked the kernel version which shows it as NIT.06.

    I updated with the latest nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-06_final1_armel.deb. so shouldnt the settings read 2.6.28-06_final1???? please comment... these instructions are rare to come by on internet.