Friday, August 2, 2013

[Maemo 5]N9 Swipe to N900 (QTEdger)

I know you people waited too long for this guide but I was busy and also i was waiting for the GUI version of this app. As this app now have a GUI so its now time to write this guide and also let you people enjoy this app. If you people want to see how this app works check this VIDEO.

First of all a requirement for this app to run perfectly. You need CSSU and libstdc++6 in order to see this app working completely. try installing libstdc++6 like this if you have CSSU installed. (this didn't asked me to installed it may be it was installed with CSSU but still in case you need it.

Open XTerminal and type:
root (enter)
apt-get install libstdc++6 (enter)

After install libstdc++6 download QTEdger from HERE (4Shared), HERE (Filebox) or HERE (Mirrorcreator). Choose the link you like.

When done place qtedger-1.0.deb in N900/MyDocs internal storage and don't put it in any folder. Follow this procedure to install it.

Open XTerminal and type:
root (enter)
cd /home/user/MyDocs/ (enter)
dpkg -i qtedger-1.0.deb (enter)

When done installing launch app from main menu. and configure settings like want. Keep in mind that is still Work in Progress. it may not work like you expect but its a nice start.

All thanks goes to bill_klpd and elros34 and everyone else who worked on it. 

Original thread: HERE

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  1. whatare the benefits of swipe, I have a nokia N900 and am new to it, much help wil be appreciated

  2. as you are new i would not suggest to try it. as its in Alpha state.