Friday, March 17, 2017

[Maemo 5] CuteTube Video Playback Fix

Anyone using CuteTube to download and watch videos will know that CuteTube stopped playing YouTube videos but download worked fine. That was because of some change at YouTube's end.
Thanks to Maemo developer freemangordon, there is now a fix available but you must be using CSSU either Testing or Thumb as it needs some updated lib files which are only available with CSSU-Testing or Thumb.
To proceed you must know how to enable and disable repos as you need some libs from Extras-Devel repo too. If you dont know what Exras-Devel is, then read about it HERE.
Enough talking, lets get start with the procedure.

1. First of all you will have to enable Extras-Devel repository in your device. To do so follow the instructions from the link given above. If you have already activated the repository, discard this step.
2. After adding repository, HAM should automatically update the repositories if it doesn't do so do an update manually by opening terminal:

      apt-get update

3. When repository updating is done, Download extra files needed from here: FILE 1(libsoup) and FILE 2 (qyoutube) and place these files inside MyDocs or in N900 and not inside any folder.
4. Before installing above files, we will have to install some dependencies to make CuteTube work. Open Terminal and type:

     apt-get update
     apt-get install libgnutls26
     apt-get install libgpg-error0

5. When installation is complete, we will install the files which we placed inside MyDocs/N900. Type in Terminal as root:

    cd /home/user/MyDocs
    dpkg -i libsoup2.4-1_2.30.2-1_squeeze1_0m5_armel.deb qyoutube_0.1.9_armel.deb

Voial!!! CuteTube should now work without any issue.

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