Thursday, August 4, 2011

PhoneTorch v2.0.4 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Retail-drAdeLante

PhoneTorch provides functionality to use your smartphone as a torch/flashlight and for Morse signaling. It supports both, the phone's LCD screenlight, and the phone's flash LEDs (video light) as light sources.

Features :

* Light sources: flash LED and LCD screen, can be independently controlled
* Improved speed *NEW*
* Light intensity control of LCD screen *NEW*
* Emitted color selection of LCD screen *NEW*

* Autostart when phone is turned on *NEW*
* Run PhoneTorch in background *NEW*
* Switch light on/off with special keys (e.g. camera button) even if keys are locked *NEW*
* Optional sound when light is turned on/off *NEW*
* Restore PhoneTorch state when restarted
* Improved user interface
* Morse code (e.g. SOS)

Change Log :

* Fixed camera shortcut key activation problem from other programs (e.g. TrackBuddy)
* Fixed "light remains on on power down" bug on N86 and E75
* Fixed light bulb icon animation
* Now middle key changes main states instead of calling options menu
* Red/blue light is turned off now
* Fixed sound
* Performance improvements
* Enable/disable camera key when keyboard is locked
* Fixed settings dialog.

For Download: FP1 Phones: Click Here
                        FP2 Phones: Click Here

For All Download Servers: FP1 and FP2 Phones: Click Here

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