Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ASGATech Quran v3.04 S60v3 SymbianOS9x Unsigned FULL

# Friendly and comfortable user interface that conveys the Arabic and Islamic look and feel
# Holy Quran in digitized Othmani font (El Medina font style) and Medina Moshaf look and feel (Chapters marks, Sajda Marks, etc)
# The ability to download the Quran audio files by ASGATech Quran Audio Downloader
# Quran Tajweed: The ability to learn the Quran Tajweed by a colored copy of the Holy Quran for each word for explaining the right rules of recitation
# Search in the scope of Verse, Sura, or the whole Quran and the ability to search by exact word or by part of the word
# Quran Memorization: The ability to set any verse or group of verses to listen to them in any time defined before
# The ability to go to Verse or Sura
# Unlimited list of favorite Verses, stamped by descriptions of Sura and Verse
# The ability to listen to famous Reciters like "Al-Hudhaifi" for the whole Quran
# The ability to save the last reading position by the bookmark
# Checking for an updated version on ASGATech server via GPRS – Wi-Fi
# Explanation of the Holy Quran with the ability to add or remove any Explanation's plug-in.
# Read the explanation for the selected Aya, Sura or the whole Quran continuously.
# The ability to switch on/off the backlight from the application settings

Download: Tafseer
Download: Quran Audio  

Download Quran: Click Here

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